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Dear parents,

It’s happy to hear that your children have already begun the exciting new chapter at primary school. We believe their three years studying at our school are one of the best times of their life as this is the place where they grew and learnt happily with their peers. Our alumni association holds lots of events throughout the year to connect our alumni. In the hope of keeping in touch with all our graduates and their parents, the Alumni Homecoming Day is held on the first Saturday of October every year. We hope we can see you there!
Aims of the Alumni Association:
– a gathering will be held once or twice every year to track the progress graduates make
– to celebrate graduates’ achievements at primary school or secondary school
– to allow graduates to keep in touch and keep the love alive

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Class Reunion

Big photos of Class Reunion Day

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Alumni sharing on how students adapt to their new primary schools

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Alumni Activities (paired door-wall painting)